The idea of having a magician perform magic on guests remains a popular one amongst couples, but why? I would suggest that it’s because is a good, affordable and “cover all” form of wedding entertainment that works time and time again in both, creating a conversation starter and adding another layer of buzz to the big day.

Finding the right fit

Based in Surrey, I have been a wedding magician now for over 12 years, learning on the job how best to interact with every kind of audience. Time and time again, my clients feedback reflects my approach to performing – specifically my ‘nature’ that people warm to. After all, performing on people who dislike you will lead to cold reactions, closed off body language and a sense of awkwardness. Wedding magician’s will all be competent at the technical aspect of performing a broad range on magic effects (we don’t call them tricks) but can they match this level of perceived expertise in their delivery?

What to look for in your wedding entertainment?

  • A great wedding magician should include the audience in their performance as opposed to a “look at this, watch me” approach. Don’t get me wrong, we are enormous attention seeking show-offs but it’s about delivering entertainment and not just showcasing the products of our miss-spent youth!
  • Looking for someone that is confident but not arrogant but also has the required magical skill set is a tall ask. Invest a little time in reading reviews OR try and get a word of mouth recommendation.
  • Finally, maybe meet with but definitely speak over the phone iff you are unsure. Getting the wrong cultural fit for your wedding could be disastrous so hearing them talk and using your own instincts in a great idea.

When to have the magician perform at your wedding?

Ask the magician to advise you on when best to have the magician perform. Look for a little flexibility on their behalf around timescales (as things can often shift). The wedding reception, the wedding breakfast or even the evening party are all potentially great times to have a magician perform. Having a combination of the above is also a possibility although my advise would be to factor in a miscellaneus 30 minute delay in proceedings, speeches and the avoiding of magic at the during the main – you will have paid big money for the food and this is understandably where guests attention should be.

In short; hire a wedding magician that is approachable, confident, non-intrusive and who you might be able to speak with before making the decision. Good luck and congratulations!