What Entertainment Can I Put On For A Corporate Entertainment in Surrey?

Corporate Entertainment in London can provide a wonderful experience for your guests and clients. With a vast array of options, how do you guarantee the best entertainment for your guests and clients? I have compiled the following list of options to help guide you in your decision and called upon first hand experience in performing at numerous large scale corporate functions:

Live Bands Or Magicians

Hire a talented live band or musician to entertain your guests with captivating performances and a variety of music genres


Bring laughter to your event by booking a professional comedian who can deliver humour tailored to your audience and create a lively and enjoyable atmosphere.

Close Up Magicians

Add an element of wonder and amazement with a skilled magician or illusionist who can perform mind-boggling tricks and illusions, leaving your guests in awe. Of course there might be an element of bias here but corporate entertainment in London doesn’t get much better than close up magic. Visit my corporate page to see more about why clients book me at these kind of events.

Dance Performances

Showcase the art of dance with professional dance troupes or individual performers who can deliver stunning choreography and captivating routines.

Acrobats / Circus Performers

Bring a touch of excitement and awe to your event with acrobats, aerialists, jugglers, or other circus performers who can showcase their impressive skills and entertain guests.

Interactive Game Shows

Engage your audience with interactive game shows that encourage participation and friendly competition, providing entertainment and fostering team spirit.

Virtual Reality (VR) or Augmented Reality Experiences

Offer cutting-edge technology entertainment by providing virtual reality or augmented reality experiences that immerse guests in unique and engaging virtual worlds.


Provide a mesmerising and interactive experience by booking a professional hypnotist who can entertain and engage your audience with mind-bending acts.

Caricature Artists

Offer a personalized and memorable experience by hiring caricature artists who can create humorous and exaggerated portraits of your guests.

Impersonators or Tribute Acts

Bring the excitement of famous personalities to your event by booking impersonators or tribute acts who can entertain your audience with spot-on performances.

Casino Or Game Tables

Set up casino or game tables to provide interactive entertainment for guests. It’s great fun and allows guest to try their luck and enjoy a fun-filled atmosphere.

Team Building experiences

Incorporate team-building activities or workshops that are both entertaining and promote collaboration and camaraderie among your employees or attendees.


I proudly perform magic regularly for event agencies such as Firebird Events. Through their successful execution of high end events would not hesitate to contact them for any of the above.